Campsite regulations Cian del Mond



Art. 1: Before entering and staying at the campsite, every single person is obliged to register. On arrival every guest is obliged to deposit an identification document, and to check the registration, notifying immediately any discordance or variation. The access to the campsite is subject to the administration’s consent.

Art. 2: The access to and the presence on the campsite of unauthorized persons constitutes a violation of the Regulation of Public Safety (trepassing, subreption of services, invasion of properties and structures, unauthorized access to the property of another) and a tort of fraud.


Children and Young Persons

Art. 3: Children and young persons are allowed to enter in the campsite only when accompanied by their parents or adults who can prove their custody. Parents are directly responsible for their children. Children must always be accompanied by their parents, when using any equipment/tools and toilets.

Art. 4: Anyone visiting a guest of the campsite must ask the campsite staff for permission; visitors must deposit a identification document. The visit, when allowed, is free of charge for up to 6 hours. After that duration, visitors have to pay the daily tariff (entrance for adult/child). The campsite staff has the right to refuse the entry of visitors to the campsite. – In any case cars or motorbikes must be parked outside the campsite.


Pitch and accommodation

Art.5: Every guest, family, or group must set their tent, camper/caravan, car within the pitch’s borders. Cars can be parked in other specific area shown by the campsite staff. If during an inspection there should be a different number of persons compared with the previous declaration, the staff applies a punitive extra tariff of 50% per person/per day; after the departure that guests will not be accepted on the campsite again.



Art. 6: The reception is opened from 8am to 8pm. In case noone of the staff is on the campsite, guests can always call the following number: +39 331 8310443.

Art 7: Arrival time. The free pitches can be taken from 8am on, the reserved pitches from 12am on, the chalets from 2pm on.

Art.8: Departure time: The stay is calculated according to how many nights pass between the arrival day and the departure day within 12am. In case of departure after 12pm, one more day will be charged.

Art.9. Quiet hours: Between 12pm and 7am we ask to our guest to be quiet. As the gate is closed, it’s not possible to pass with cars; guests coming back later should park their car outside the campsite. During the quiet hours any kind of noise is forbidden (including the noise of building or removing tents). IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE RADIOS AND TV OR SIMILAR DEVICES, HAVE NOISY PARTIES, OR USING MOTOR VEHICLES.



Art.10: Pets are generally allowed, but guest must ask the site staff in advance. Pet owners are responsible for their pets.


Cleaning, toilets

Art. 11: The pitches shall be kept in a neat and clean condition at all time, in order to avoid insects, animals and so on.

Art. 12: Guests shall use the toilets correctly and let them in the same cleaning conditions people wish to find them.


Prohibitions and attention

Art:13: It’s forbidden to build any fences or other structures except tent and awning.

Art.14: It’s forbidden to damage campsite’s plants or equipment; to dig ditches around the tents, to spill any hot or salty liquid on the ground, leave waste on the ground, or to make fire (except in the specific area).

Art. 15: Paper and waste must be deposed in specific containers.

Art. 16: Linen and dishes shall be washed in the specific area.

Art. 17: It’s forbidden to wash the car in the pitches. Guests can use the specific area.

Art. 18: Because we want to respect the environment, we also ask you the avoid the waste of water.



Art.19: EVERY GUEST HAS TO SUPERVISE THEIR OWN THINGS. The site staff is NOT responsible for acts of vandalism, accidents, or damages of persons or objects caused by natural disaster.

Art. 20: The use of available equipment is on your own risk.

Art. 21: Every infectious diseases must be declared to the site staff.



Art. 22: The guests have to check objects of the inventory list in the chalet and their condition. Any damages must be reported immediately to the site staff.

Art. 23: Guests are responsible for eventual damages and they have to refund broken or missing things.

Art 24: The ordinary cleaning is included in the price. The site staff has the right to verify the conditions before the departure and decide to add a cleaning fee in case of extraordinary dirt and disorder (from 30€ on)



Art.25: The guests can pay the account or the total amount before arriving in the campsite with a bank transfer or give their credit card number as guarantee of the reservation. On the campsite all credit cards (except Amex and Diners), debit card, or cash are accepted.

Art. 26: The guests should pay at least one day before the departure and they should keep the receipt.

Art.27: Cancellation: In case of cancellation or change until 5 days before the arrival date, guests don’t have to pay any fees. In the contrary case or if they don’t show up, the guests have to pay the amount of the first night of stay. Guests who enter the campsite accept and follow these rules, which can be changed or completed by the site staff.
Due to its nature, a regulation always limits the individual freedom, in order to balance the collective freedom. The general rules are restrictions to create good conditions for a civil cohabitation based on good manners and respect towards the others.
We trust our guests and their respect of the rules, so everyone can have a quiet and nice stay. In that way, we all can avoid the necessity of an intervention of the site staff to restore order.


We thank you for the collaboration and we wish you the nicest stay.

Your site staff